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Exploring the universal energies would not have any reason without our interaction. A serries of products and product developement concerning theuniversal fields of vibration. Follow each project from start to finish.Be part of the vibration


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Worshop "The Key" Aura and Chakras

Understanding what we See, Feel and Sense about the human energy system will give you the keys to take your path to a whole other level. Toms unique insights into the human energy system is an evolutionary step to a greater collective understanding. This is one of the stepping stones into the energy work of our future. Over the 2 days you will awaken senses within you that you can apply to everyday living.


A conference/workshop in your area?

I am very open to possible conferences or workshops requests.  I would love to share the openings that universal energy connections can bring. So if you have a group of people who wish to to take part in a workshop that caan be held in your area. Feel free to contact me. The same goes for conferences. Need just the venue and if it is on my path I would be more than happy to share.

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Videos, Articles, Reflections on the Who, When, Where, Why and How to our existence.

The wonders of the universal Mechanics.

The Harmony of frequencies.

When we use universal mechanics, we should be aware of all the rhythms, confined within the singular rhythm. The definition of the dimension available to humans is defined by our vibration transmitter, Earth. Read more....

Inverting a Spehere

This is not as simple as you might think. This mechanic is a good way to help us to understand the inversion of energies as they pass from one state to another, say between vibration and matter. read more....

When the sound takes shape

Sound or a wave, is one of the prerequisites the conditions for the creation of the material. Nature uses these waves to make the world solid, the color and depth. Although the matter is not really there. read more....

The energy of the colors.


Through the use of natural food colorant, we can observe how certain colors attract, other chase. I wonder if this applies to the chakras, which gives us our Aura an emotional reaction? Read more....

The Wonders of the Universal Spirit

Our connection to everything


Do we influence our surroundings or does out surroundings influence us? When you put your mind to it  strange things can happen but this is just  normal.Right?

read more....

Global Consciousness Project


Is this there proof that we can create a real change in the world just by thinking good thoughts for other people as individuals or collective communities... read more....

Water is the Key

We are told that our bodies are 60% or more water. This water is activated by frequencies that we radiate. Then learning about these frequencies could be the key to our collective being. Read more...

The co-existence of life.


"There are ways of being that we need to remember if we want to continue to exist. Nature is holding a great conversation that the humans should be part of." Said the Oak.. read more....

The Wonders of Earth, Solar and Universal connections

The Spiraling Solar System

What if I told you that the solar system model we learnt at school was not the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth and the real solar system may change everything from technology to health.


Dancing with Stars.

The music that we all dance to comes from the universe and expressed throughout nature and  sacred geometry. The fundamental rhythms of what stars, us and life itself are made of. read more...

The omega and the Alpha, or is it the Alpha and the Omega?

When we're looking for answers, the search can be inside or outside of oneself? The wonders of the universe in which we find ourselves gives us signs of our origin,of the present moment, future and past. So whats all this beginning and the end stuff? read more....

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