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Communication os the best way to build an evolutionary world and Tom loves communicating.

Here you will find the conferences, festivals and public events that Tom will be participating in.

September 2019 Southampton 20 - 23 September The Source
The 2 workshops I attended were intense and extremely enlightening. One was on vibrational energies and ley lines, with practical sessions outdoors using copper dosing rods. Then back to the classroom for more theory. Tom's knowledge and personal experiences that he shares are awe inspiring. His passion and knowledge of the subject is infectious. The hours whizzed by. Having the theory backed up by the practical sessions really help you to apply what you have learnt. The learning does not stop there, as Tom sends you away with homework. It was great and reassuring doing the homework, as it confirmed that I could replicate what Tom had taught in the classroom on my own! Jules, Kent
Bristol/Glastonbury 27 - 29 September The Source and the Heart Chakra Connection
Tanya Lawton Hypnotherapist says: “Having completed the first two workshops with Tom, my mind and eyes have been opened in such a way that I will never look at life in the same way again ! Tom's range and depth of knowledge is unbelievable and it seems there is no stone unturned, a mine of information ! I cannot wait to continue on this journey of learning, simply life changing ! “
﷯ May 2019

 24th - 27th May 2019


The Big retreat Festival, South Wales.


Here Tom will be giving workshops and conferences for the 4 day period. If you haven't got your ticket yet you should really be getting on the case as tickets are running out fast.







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