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Healing online or in person

Tom has been healing for over 20 years now and the demand takes him far and wide. Please look down the healing centres thaat workd at to see if there is one near you. But if not don't worry you can book an online session with Tom using Facetime, Facebook, Skype or What'sup.

Tom has a very unique healing technic that he has developed over the past 20 years. He has a grown a very large reputation in France during this time where he has created 2 centres through his work.


What is a session and what it works with:


It is of course not possible to detatch the physical, spirit, energy and mental from one being.  Due to this the firsst session is a real check up, looking at all mentioned above. This usually takes and hour to put the basic working vibrations in place.

If you have a bad back or ilness the reasons for these go further than just the physical world and Tom has a beautiful way of putting all these together. Seeing auras helps this process and Tom gives functional and dimensional solutions to what ever you may be confronted with.


Healing centres where you can have a personalised session with Tom £55/session


Physiologic, Hythe, Kent                                                            Book a session

Synergy Being, London                                                              Book a session

Synergy Being,  Hythe, Hampshire                                         Book a session

Franquevielle, France                                                                 Book a session

Saint Gaudens, France                                                               Book a session



Online sessions with Tom


What's Up





Online Session have to be paid in full by paypal ( before session. Each session of an hour costs £40


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