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TOP 7 SIGNS, that you are out of Sync with the Universe


So starting with small signs and continuing to the Universe shouting at you to change something…..




1: Bumping into the corner of furniture and finding it difficult in swerving in and out of the crowd.


This sign comes first and is ever present the further we leave the path of life. So when walking through a crowd of people, in the beginning this will be more of a having the occasional bump of elbows with the habitual “Sorry” from both sides. Walking through the crowd is not a chore or difficult. But the further we go from the path this simple task becomes a real task, could even be a stress with “Watch out” when bumping into that person who before would just say “Sorry.”


2: Forgetfulness or simply repeating things.


This is the first entanglement of the rhythms, the first knot in the path. If you have always been a forgetful person you may have learnt to accept this as a trait of your being, but in doing this you accept that you will go straight on the next step, repeating. If you turn up in your life to do something and when you get there you find out you have already done it, then you have the universal vibrations that are starting to shout at you.


3: Loosing time.


The sign can play both ways. With the way that the vibrations work means the inversion can be that this is a good and a bad sign. The way to know which side of the fence you are falling is quite simple. If the loss of sense of time is a stressful experience thats not good. But you can also be totally in the vibration which is that moment when you do something like driving somewhere and not realising how you go there and that it didn't take as long as you thought.


4: Bouts of tiredness or tiredness on a permanent basis.


Like hitting a wall of tiredness, a wave that takes you when you shouldn't really be tired at all. If you don't listen then the permemant tiredness start to install and as earlier you go to bed this tiredness is still there when you wake up in the morning. The real difference is not just a lack of sleep but rather tiredness within the muscles, when you start to get this you know your rhythms are too stretched, giving way to slowing of your inner rhythms.


5 Apathy


Apathy can take every form, from a conversation to a current personal project. The dropping of projects or not having the will power to go to its completion. The problem associated with this is the lack of foresight and disconnection with those coincidences that helps us all on a daily basis to know where, when and who we are.


6: Sleep disruption.


We blame it on the moon or noises of the world outside, but this sign comes in many forms. If you have difficulty in getting off to many thought of stuff you didn't manage to do that day. The small stuff but it can weigh heavy on the mind. If you have troubled sleep noted by the fact that you wake around 2 in the morning or 4. These are the 2 times when you plug in your subconsciousness to your greater being at 2 in the morning and 4 is when you reconnect to this world.


7: Anxiety attacks


Those feelings that start in the stomach and work their way up to your head, giving you the sweats, vomiting and breathing problems. There is no longer a time to readjust your rhythms but to pull the hand brake, stop the car and take stock, building a new rhythm before burnt out comes on.















In this video we can see Universal Rhythm, the singularity of the universe that is broken down into different subsets containing the other 2, 3 and 4 dimension of the singularity. The universal rhythm doesn't simply go 1,2, 3, 4 as we can clearly see. The timing is more  1 4 3 4 2 4 3 4 1. When confronted within our daily lives we must take into account  these energies and see the breakdown of the rhythms that we find in the singularity of the person/place/situation (P/P/S).


The universal energies have this wondrous effect of filling the space by this same back and forth motion like the pendulums in the video. Some short waves others long waves,  just like a radio. If we were to take the 4 different rhythms and attribute an essence to that internal wave or rhythm we may see clearer.


4 as Physical, 3 as emotional, 2 as Spirit and the 1 as energies


We can then read the vibrations in P/P/S which helps us to pin point the exact position of the energy rhythms that is creating the problem for the P/P/S. The moment we do this we open the doors to the possibilities of help the P/P/S to adjust themselves to turn a blockage or destructive vibration to one of creation.


Most people have the tendencies to just apply that universal bandage “Love” and say “there, there, there. Much better now” like a mother to a child as a solution to the pain of the child who just walked into a door.  But if that child is in the process of learning the reasons why  they just hit that door we need to explain what part of their being that was out of sync with their oneness resulting in the bang of their head on the door . “You were not looking where you were going. You thoughts were with the cake in the window of the bakers rather than looking where you were going. Either stop to look at the cakes before you go in to the bakers, or look when inside.”


The comforting comes at the beginning and at the end, after comprehension. Starting at the singular, Love for the P/P/S, moving through the different states of energies until we find ourselves back at the singular, Love. Just like the pendulum.


We use this in our everyday lives without even realising it until we see the result of our work and can judge for ourselves if we were bang on, or “It needs improvement”. Cooking is the easiest example to follow. Lets take the most simple form of cooking, boiled egg. Now fanny Craddock could even give you a lesson on perfectly boiling an egg but as all parents know, boiling an egg for tea is the definition of the art of “Timing”. The egg must go in at the right time so that the toast is cooked just before, allowing for the buttering of the toast. If we break it down into the 4 essences.


Physical: Know the duration of making toast and boiling the egg.

Emotional: The care taken not to smash the bread to pieces during the buttering process. Cutting the egg so the yoke remains within the shell and the egg is easily accessible.

Spirit: How much butter, Salt and pepper to make the perfect tasting egg.

Love: The idea of feeding your child or friend and making sure that all comes out at the same time making a loving experience for all involved.


If we are not in sync ourselves the task of boiling the egg for your youngster tea can be a real stressful situation, making a bad egg, getting the kids excited drawing less for the food on our plate.

Helping our children doesn't mean buying everything they could ever want, but rather helping them be the person that they have the chance to be and making that coexistence a reality in our society.

(Read the article on Coexistence)




Well-Being Festival Wales 26 - 29 May 2017

A Weekend of Doing Lovely Things in a Lovely Place






























Sometimes we can perceive a rhythm that is out of sync with the logic of the material world but still fits perfectly with us and everything around it, just like watching a wheels of a car as they turn when we you are being over taken on the motorway. You are stationary in your seat gazing through the window, or all parents would say “Daydreaming”. But in that moment of relaxed state we open the doors to look at things that just don't fit with our logic but it fits perfectly with our understanding of the reality or singularity of the universe that is around us.


This is where the multidimensional rhythms comes into play almost like we are time traveling. So, you are stationary in you seat, not moving a muscle but you are traveling at 60 mph in the passenger seat of the car. Then a car passes along side you at speed of 70 mph. They seem like they are moving slowly and then you notice that the spoked wheels look as if they are turning backwards. But everything looks perfect and beautiful. How can conflicting logic be perfection? It is to do with the perception of time in regard to the material world rather than perception of reality, something that we can play with and at times is a reaction of instinct.


We have all experienced that idea of having a car crash, or falling through the air once we have jumped from that rock into the sea on holiday. There is a moment that everything slows down and our reality changes the perception of timing.


If you needed a reaction to save your life the slowing of time allows you to do incredible things that you would never be able to repeat under a controlled environment. Your strength becomes far greater than in normal existence, your precision of spacial awareness is redefined to perfection so you can catch that object before it hits you or your child. This is the space within the rhythms that become easy to change and modify in order for creation to exist or healing to take place. But this all comes from you and not from the external world such as a computer. If it comes form the external world and is not in time with the universal rhythm, we will find the world very confusing, stressful. This could be one of the reasons that life appears to have sped up due to the introduction of computers within our everyday life. We ask humans to live to the rhythms of computers which is not possible. Hence burnout, depression, breakdowns are becoming common place within the world. These symptoms would be a lesser problem because the computers could help us to stay in timing with the universe or nature that surrounds us.


To play with these dimension of time or energies, we must have the abilities to understand or feel the inversion of the rhythms that make the reality that we are living play like a harmonious piece of music. (See article on inverting a sphere.)


Imagine your are the triangle player within an orchestra. You have the defining moment in a piece of music that your orchestra is presenting and  if you get it wrong the whole piece will be a failure. You are given the task of striking the triangle when all the other instruments have gone silent to pivot the piece into its crescendo. Do you concentrate on your triangle? Or do you drift off into a daydream? If you were a computer you would concentrate on the triangle and you would loose the emotion, spirit and love for the piece. But if you wandered off into the daydream but at the same time being at one with the piece of music you will live fully the moment and play that singular note with the up most perfect of timing. The non-concentration is the only way to be concentrated. Sure we are all different but all we only need to know is which instrument we are playing in the orchestra that we call life to be truly alive.


















The solutions


So pick up your instruments, your body and start to playing your par in life. There are multitude of ways in which you can do this but this is what I suggest for people. Try it out and see if it fits you.


Take a cup of tea and sit and allow your body to just drift off relax fully so you sink into the chair.


Let your mind just empty. And recognise your needs and wants. Do not organise your needs but rather just acknowledge that they are needs and you can live your life properly until you get them in the swing of your rolling daily life. So when you are walking through your day, your monkey mind will remind you when you pass in front of the bakers so you don't forget that loaf of bread. But if you do forget don't be hard on yourself it could be your body over riding the system because your instrument doesn't need what your monkey mind thinks every time.


This should only take a third of the cup of tea leaving two thirds of the cup in order to become conscious of the 7 wonders that are around you everyday and is the real reason you are here. Then  you can start to follow the path of evidence rather than putting yourself under pressure thinking that you have all those decisions to make. In life there is no decision just an evidence to follow.


The reason we take a cup of tea is to have a moment in time that is not on a watch. More a natural space in your day so things have a chance to full in to place. You should do this 3 times in your day. In the morning separating the Home and work or the day. Afternoon between work and the house. This will stop you from bring the home to work and the work home. Then the last one a half hour before you go to bed ending the day and having a sneaky peek at tomorrow.


The very last thing you do is to put your energies back in place where you can hear your heart, stomach testicles, ovaries, liver and every other part of your instrument that is the real thinking and has nothing to do with the mental part of your being.


Imagine a soap bubble with a small light inside the bubble. Now put that bubble in the centre of your head right between the é lobes of your brain. Then watch that bubble gradually drop down through the neck, down the back through the hips, down the legs until that bubble bursts on your toes. You are now ready to hook up your rhythms and live life fully.


Life is supposed to be fun. If it isn't fun you should be asking questions.







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