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Workshops and Retreats

Tom has been delivering energy 'workshops' for over 12 years and has helped many students develop their abilities as well as enhancing current practicing professional therapists skills sets and allowing them to evolve further in their businesses.


Dowsing, healing and clairvoyance are all skills that can be developed for aspiring practitioners of various modalities and indeed as tools for personal development.


The scope of learning is wide and fascinating as Tom's 30 years of exploring energy and frequency of the vibrational worlds is imparted in such a unique and practical way.


To have access to the underlying mechanics of how energy and frequency works is a rare find in the educational world and these workshops are unique in their combination of the understanding of quantum mechanics with real practical application. Tom's style makes them truly accessible to all levels and a very enjoyable learning experience.


Each workshop delivers a unique aspect of universal vibration and its interaction with human energy.


The workshops are categorised between more foundational levels of understanding ie the mechanics of energy and practically applying it to our everyday lives and more advanced workshops building on the foundation more towards the desire to become a healing practitioner.


The foundational workshops are naturally a perfect way to enter into the world of energy as a self development tool or as the preliminary grounding for the more advanced techniques. They cover understanding universal vibrations, human energies, plants/spirit/animal communications. 'The Source' and 'The Key' are the two foundational workshops. For more information see below.


If you wish to advance your skill set and take it to another level and access the higher realms of the art of energy then the next set of workshops are for you. These workshops culminates into more of an apprenticeship style course where each module dovetails to create a very powerful set of tools to work with. Tom will personally be there to guide and nurture your skills on every step of the journey as you develop the inner energies for healing through Tom's Healing Techniques.


If you are interested in any particular aspect of healing or self development and wish to discover more about what the workshops have to offer, please explore the information below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Future dates and locations of upcoming workshops are also detailed with new events being added all the time.


Calling all Practitioners, if you have a group of interested participants and can host a workshop locally and convenient to you, Tom will consider possible alternative venues if it fits in with his schedule.

Reservation and brouchure for Southampton downlaod here.... Reservation and brouchure for Bristol/Glastonbury Region downlaod here.... Tanya Lawton Hypnotherapist says: “Having completed the first two workshops with Tom, my mind and eyes have been opened in such a way that I will never look at life in the same way again ! Tom's range and depth of knowledge is unbelievable and it seems there is no stone unturned, a mine of information ! I cannot wait to continue on this journey of learning, simply life changing ! “ The 2 workshops I attended were intense and extremely enlightening. One was on vibrational energies and ley lines, with practical sessions outdoors using copper dosing rods. Then back to the classroom for more theory. Tom's knowledge and personal experiences that he shares are awe inspiring. His passion and knowledge of the subject is infectious. The hours whizzed by. Having the theory backed up by the practical sessions really help you to apply what you have learnt. The learning does not stop there, as Tom sends you away with homework. It was great and reassuring doing the homework, as it confirmed that I could replicate what Tom had taught in the classroom on my own! Jules, Kent

"The Source"

The Universal


"The Key"



Synergy of





Week & Weekend

Well-being Retreats


Dates and locations:

September 20 - 23  Southampton


September 27 - 29

Bristol Region

The heart chakra connection

The Source


The Source is the first of the foundational workshops and is the first step into the

world of energies that make up the universal vibrations.


This workshop has evolved progressively over the last 15 years in such a way that

it is accessible to everyone. Tom has never met anyone within that time who has

not been capable of exploring these energies.


Throughout the weekend you will learn to dowse the veins of the earth's energies,

discovering where they originate from, how they are distributed and how they have

shaped the world around us.


From this understanding you will then learn how to connect our own human energies

to these vibrations through our Chakra system and intuitively dowse through space

and time. Opening up this intuition and inner vision can help guide you through life in

a completely different way.


The Source Weekend


Participants will arrive Friday evening in advance of a full weekend of learning, where they will be met by Tom and his team. There will be a evening meal together whereby everybody can get to know each other, relax and discover how the weekend is going to work.


There are residential places on courses at certain locations and these will include room and meals. More information will be provided by workshop location at the time of booking.


For non-residential courses or participants choosing their own accommodation, lunchtime meals, teas & coffees will be included. Please advise us of any nutritional diet requirements at the time of booking. We serve vegetarian food throughout these courses.


Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear according to weather and region as some activities will be outside.


Barefoot is always welcome.




The Programme for the 2 Day weekend


Day 1


     09:30 The day starts with tea, meet and greet, getting to know your fello participants and Tom getting to know you.


    10:00     Opening of the workshop. Discovering the fundamental mechanics of the universal vibrations. Learning about the basic flows, creations of energies and how the vibrations are distributed by our own sun and the Earth.  This then leads to how these vibrations effect the planet and consequently human beings.  You will be led along the unique path Tom followed in his journey to understand these vibrations and discover the amazing depth of his knowledge in this field.


    12:30  Lunch


    14:00 The afternoon session is more practical and you will be venturing outside to experience personally the wonderful discovery of energy lines. Firstly however the tools of the trade are to be hand made and   you will be creating your own dowsing rods.


  This is then followed by a fascinating insight to how energy lines traverse the country and indeed the world and how they impact the energies in local historical, religious and village conception and you will be feeling the energies for yourself out on 'the road'.


  You will connect and harmonise these energies to your own Chakra   system and learn about real time connection on a local scale, thus opening the doors to multiple connections and how they can be used at a basic level. Within your explorations and observations, you will get a brief insight   into the Freemasons system used hundreds of years ago to express local energies in buildings.


    18:00  Close of Day 1 Workshop


Day 2

    9:00   Morning tea and general catch up from day before.


   10:00  Learning about the Earth Chakra system, where the Chakras are and what particular effect that has on the relevant countries and how past and present day cultures used and use these lines with the universal forces. Having started to identify certain Chakras in the human body through the previous day's dowsing experience, you will start to use the third eye chakra and intuition to dowse through time and space.


    12:30  Lunch


    14:00 The afternoon session will take the theoretical learnings from the morning out into the world once again and you will visit selected sites to explore this new way of seeing, feeling and understanding the world around you and testing the connections. Each individual will discover where their strengths lie with this work and uncover their individual channeling skills.



    18:00  Close of weekend workshop


Dates and locations:


September 20 - 23  Southampton


September 27 - 29

Bristol Region

The heart chakra connection

"The Key"


These workshops are over 3 weekends all dedicated to feeling and the developemnt of human energies,


This follows on from the workshop    "The Source" which will help you get the best out of these weekends. Although this is still part of the personal development courses these weekends are part of the apprentiship programme.


All workshops opens its doors at 09:00 in order to take a cup of tea and get to know other workshop participants. Then the work starts at 10:00 and finishes at 18:30. These times are for Saturday and Sunday.


Usually there is residential places on the workshops and you will find more information concerning residentship in the Synergy Being Catalog which can be downloaded here.


The Chakra System


During this weekend we will waalk through the human chakra system one by one. This will mean dowsing or feeling the different chakras using our hands and the energies that flow through them.


Each chakra has its own personality and deal with the situations that life throw at us every day. Understanding the chakras to make an interpretation will need an understanding of the mechanics of each chakra. These are the emotional aspects of the human energies, the creation centres of our being in a very direct fashion as we dance our way through life and the human society.


The Aura System


This weekend course is all about seeing and the development of seeing auras and the intuitive voice that helps us through our personal development and healing sessions regardless of the art of therapy that we choose.


Feeling and seeing each layer of the human aura can helps us see and help people to develop their personal health programme and to avoid future health issues.


The Human Energy Experience


This is where we put in motion the experiences that we will have accumulated over the previous 2 weekends.This will be mainly a practical weekend with some theory opening the doors to the various energy work that will help you develop your world that reflects your  inner spirit.


Learning how our ancient civilisations used these energies to build Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza. Learning to express your energies within the various dimensions such as plant, environment and animal communications.


Synergy of Consciousness and the Arkashic Records


This weekend is one of total exploration, exploring the universal vibrations in connection with the environment Natural and Human. This is where we combine Geomancy and Human vibrations.


Once you have completed “The Source” weekend we take things a lot further with the magic of energies and their application in accordance with Towns, Houses, Natural Woods, Human business and personal development.


Taking responsibility of our consciousness means being a participant in the evolution of the planets habitants and the dimension we live in. There will be Shaman technics created by Tom to be in harmony with the modern life that we all live. Using these energies in harmony will set you upon that journey of your life that there is no turning back. There is part of the weekend which is concerned by the evolution of the spirit that is within so your goals evolve in step with the vibrations as their grow and change.


This workshop is a residential workshop as there evening and nocturnal activities.


Learning an energy meditation and your own form of Thai Chi or energy generation. This is the workshop that opens the doors to the Arkashic records opening your spirit to the deeper knowledge and understandings of this dimension that we live.





Dates 2019:


To be annonced

Therapists and Apprenticeship Levels



After forming a numerous therapists in france over the past 10 years Tom has a way of opening up therapists so they can get the best out of their chosen art that they wish to develop.


Combining therapies is the next evolutionary step in alternative therapy in this ever evolving world. The thread in common is energy and through the work with various different therapies Tom has helped many practitioners to give their therapy a complete and rounded feeling and fluid results to their work.


At the beginning each will follow the first basic workshops with Tom before you can start to specialise in your chosen art. At the moment there are limited places because we are concerned by quality rather than quantity in order to create the registered Synergy of Being Therapist to work in collective within the new Synergy Being Well-Being Centres.


Specialised Therapies:








Energy Healer



To apply for a place on the apprentice for healing with Tom please fill out the proper forms within the catalog through Synergy Being. There is a selection process that I am sure you will understand is necessary. This takes time and evaluation will be done over the first 2 workshops with Tom.



Choosing a Wellness Week demands that we, together with yourselves, find the right combination of activities and therapies that can help you to open the doors to a world that lives life fully -- but at another vibration.


The Wellness Week includes:


4 Therapies chosen from the list of Therapists

Energy Healer, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Naturopathe, Ayurveda Massage, Flowers of Bach, Reflexology, Astrology


2 Wellbeing Activities from our palette of Energy-based activities

Yoga Classes part of the Ayurveda Therapies

Conscious Walking

Understanding the Power of Food through the how, when and why of food.

Wild plants and their possible uses

Exploring our connections to the surrounding energies: Vegetable, Mineral and Animal. With Tom's energy classes

An evening of sound therapy



2 excursions, chosen from our list of local destinations and activities,

 available according to the seasons.

Examples: Guided visit to Lourdes, A visit to the local Thermal Baths,

Local markets and historical towns. Beach or Mountain visits.



6 Nights / 7 Days

Your choices of activities, therapies and excursions

€ 925 per person



Minimum of 6 people and maximum of 8 per week.



Choosing a Conscience Weekend should be part of the greater understanding and continuous work upon oneself. Using the Pause au Diapason to help you further your personal space in the here and now of being.



The Conscience Weekend includes:



2 therapies chosen from the list of Therapists.

Energy Healer, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Naturopathe, Ayurveda Massage, Flowers of Bach, Reflexology, Astrology


2 Wellbeing activities from our palette of energy based activities:

Yoga Classes part of the Ayurveda Therapies

Conscious Walking

Understand the Power of Food through the how, when and why of food.

Wild plants and their possible uses.

Exploring our connections to the surround energies, Vegetable, Mineral and

Animal. With Tom's energy classes

An evening of sound therapy


1 excursions chosen from our list of local destinations and activities,

 available according to the seasons.

Examples: Guided visit to Lourdes, A visit to the local Thermal Baths,

Local Markets and historical towns. Beach or Mountain visits.


3 Nights / 4 Days

Your choices of activities, therapies and excursions

€ 585 per person


Minimum of 6 people and maximum of 8 per week.


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